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Ed is a fireman, Ad is a doctor, and we are both mad keen climbers. Ed is a rock warrior, and a great all rounder too, Ad is steady at all disciplines, but particularly loves the hardships of winter climbing and mountaineering. He keeps fit on the bike and at his local wall, 'Red Point' climbing centre ( http://www.redpointclimbingcentre.co.uk/ ). We are both originally from Shrewsbury, where the nearest we have to a climbing club is the shop 'Highsports'. The owner, Stuart is a famous climber and mountaineer, and keeps us locals psyched with a great shop, a great website ( http://www.highsports.co.uk/ ) and a great winter lecture series. Mad for it!

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Long Distance Cycling and Mid Wales Trad

The last couple of weekends have been awesome. Last weekend we got out to Simdde Ddu in Mid Wales. It's a quiet mountain crag, with stunning views over the lake below. Here Roel is seen having a moment on the sublime 'Emperor's New Toes'.

Here Roel is seen pulling a slightly different pose, this time after our bike ride out to Lake Vernwy. This was on the Saturday afternoon of the Easter weekend, 70 miles door to door.

Good couple of weekends, out again this weekend.

Life is good!

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